Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Surf Skittles!

Hi all! I have sad news - I broke most of my nails at work yesterday. They're in a pretty sad state...all short and some are peeling. I'll be taking time to give them lots of extra TLC this week.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Surf collection that Zoya released this summer is one of my favorite whole collections ever. Bright colors with a shimmery metallic finish? Sign me up! There isn't a single one I dislike, and not a single one has a bad formula - the lighter colors (Zuza, Rory, and Meg) need two thin coats, while Carly, Kimber, and Myrta really only need one. And with my super-short nails, I don't feel quite as "crazy nail polish lady" when I do a skittle mani!

Thumb to pinkie, I used Orly Ridge Filler, then two coats each of Carly, Zuza, Meg, Myrta, and Kimber, with a coat of Poshe on top. Dry time was pretty quick, thankfully, as I did this right before work.

You can see my poor abused cuticles and peeling pointer finger...and that my polish was already starting to chip when I got around to pictures, thanks to work. :( But it's still super pretty and got me compliments...

Thanks for reading!

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