Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A lot of summer with a little fall.

Hi all! Today I have a lovely pink from Zoya's Surf collection, Kimber. It's a glowy, metallic hot pink that screams summertime - and it's almost a one coater. There was some visible nail line after one thin coat, so I went over it a second time for full coverage. Application was a dream.

Yesterday when I left to run errands, I noticed some yellow leaves here and there - plus classes start next week - fall has crept up on me without me noticing. To celebrate, I layered HITS Lambada on top - a flakie that flashes copper and green mostly, with a little yellow and turquoise here and there - it reminds me of trees that haven't completely turned yet. The flakies are a little shy on top of the super-bright Kimber, but when they come out to play in the sun, it's the perfect between-seasons look for me! The pictures don't show quite as many flakies as you can see in real life...Lambada is pretty dense, like Essie Shine of the Times, but with smaller flakes.

I am still working on my cleanup-with-brushes skills, so apologies for the mess - I wanted to take pictures beforehand in case I screwed up and had to take it off.

What are your favorite colors between the seasons?

Thanks for reading!

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