Friday, July 20, 2012

Jade Magia Negra, and a layering experiment.

Hello all! First, I'd like to apologize for my absence. Aside from a few occasions, I have not felt like painting my nails. I blame work mostly - I work around heavy equipment, and nail breakage happens often. But things have slowed down for the moment - I am running part of VT Orientation, which involves hitting buttons only, and they have finally (mostly) grown to the point that I felt like doing this again...though I wish I had pictures of my mani for my sister's wedding!

Today I am working a concert outside, so it felt like a perfect holo day! I decided to dive into my unused holos (a rare thing around here). I chose Magia Negra, a black holo, though bordering more on charcoal grey. I got it from Llarowe, where it is currently available for $10. She has always had excellent customer service and lightning-quick shipping for me! If you have not bought Brazilian polish yet, you will find it smells VERY strong (moreso than the common 3-frees), but dries quicker, in my opinion.

Magia Negra has a good formula; smooth, not streaky, with two-coat coverage. I had a bit of an issue with bubbling, but I blame the excessive humidity today! It rained yesterday and now this whole town feels like a sauna. The brush was also slightly wonky, but nothing I couldn't work with - I hope this is a one-off issue, but I have no other Jades to compare it to - yet!

Here's two coats, pre-cleanup, no topcoat. Look at that great holo - it looks even better in the sun, but it was behind a cloud :(

I had read about layering thin multichromes over holo polishes to cool effect. This immediately made me think of how neat the Ozotic Mish Mash polishes are, so I had to give it a try! It was tough to pick a multichrome, as I have a lot of old Nail Prisms and the like...but I settled for Ozotic 505, which has a watery, sheer (but buildable) formula and insane green-turquoise-purple multichrome. How could it not be awesome? I added one coat once the Magia Negra dried.

The effect was pretty subtle, pre-topcoat. It changed the holo flashes towards the green-blue part of the spectrum - before, it felt more like an even mix of oranges and blues. In the sun, the multichrome was more apparent. Inside, the 505 is much more apparent; it gives the mani a little something in lower light. Holos tend to lose a lot of their glitz indoors or at night.

A coat of Out the Door enhanced the green flash from 505 in indoor light, but in direct light, had no effect.

Overall, I love how this turned out. It's fun and flashy both inside and outside - and it was done and dry fast, which is always awesome when I'm rushing out for a long work day!

What do you think? Have you layered jellies or duochromes with a holo polish before?

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