Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An introduction.

Hi everyone! I'm Sam, or Waddle Dee, and this is my shot at making a nail polish blog.

A little bit about me: I'm 24 and just recently graduated with a meteorology/geography degree. I am an avid storm chaser (don't be surprised if I post about any storms), love swimming and rock climbing, and am just getting into makeup and clothes. My nail polish obsession started on a message board called Something Awful, where reading the nail care thread and seeing gorgeous pictures made me stop biting my nails and has brought my collection from nonexistant to almost 200 bottles!

I will begin posting regularly soon. My nails are naked now, but for the moment, I'll leave this picture of what I had on at commencement: Zoya Rory as a base, with a lightning bolt of Orly Halley's Comet and a silver line from a striping polish I bought at Sally's. It's my first attempt at art using tape, it's a bit messier than I'd like up close, but far away it looked good..this is also so I can track my own skill progression with nail art.

Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment if you stop by, I'd like to get to know my readers - if you have a blog, let me know - also, you may follow my personal twitter (@weatherbamf), and poke me to remind me to get better at using it :)


  1. Looks great to me! I love Zoya nail polishes ;]

  2. Thank you! Zoya's formula is great and their colors are so nice - I wish they had specials more often, I'd buy ALL THE POLISH.

    Thanks for reading :)